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Dear Future Online Marketer,

Whether you've made money online yet, or whether you haven't made a dime, I have some information for you that could change your life.

You've probably purchased a number of online marketing how-to products. The problem?

  • Too confusing - Too many steps, and you don't have a clue how to do many of them. Even one missing step can trip you up.
  • Too costly - Many products cost a LOT, both for the product and for the tools you need to implement them
  • They take too long to pay off - IF they pay off at all, that is. Some of them do result in money, but it's less than you were hoping for, and it seems to take forever to show up in your bank account
  • Shiny Object Syndrome - You keep finding new products that promise easy riches, so you flit from one to the next, all the while finishing NOTHING.

Which one of the above have derailed you as you pursued your quest for online riches?

Hi. My name is Elisabeth Kuhn.

As the founder and owner of Richmond Web Marketing, I help business owners get found online and look like the experts they are. And I'm also the creator of "eMoney Magic" - a revolutionary program that helps beginning online marketers develop the right mindset AND the expertise to make money online.

eMoney Magic features six interviews with experts on both the internet marketing mindset and the technical and business skills you need to succeed. Some of the experts share how to develop the mindset that helps you attract money and get over any blocks that might be holding you back.

The interviews also provide you with systems for how to make money online FAST. And yes, they all work! Though none of them as quickly as the strategy you'll discover below.

You need results, and you need them FAST.
I understand. I've been there.

So I have decided to add a couple of key interviews to the program. Just a few days ago, I interviewed a very special seventh expert on how to get results faster than you've ever thought possible. What you need is a system that works immediately, is easy to do, and won't cost you an arm and a leg to actually implement.

The expert I interviewed is my "oldest" mentor, Andy Duncan. I met him FIVE years ago, back in 2007, and it was Andy who first introduced me to the exciting world of internet marketing. Last week, I had a chance to really grill Andy and get him to spill the beans on how to make cash FAST - NOW.

Why Andy? Because Andy is the one who put making money FAST on the map.

Five Years Ago, Andy Needed Cash NOW, So He Created...
"I Need Cash Now" AKA "Cash In Three Days"

And "I Need Cash Now" delivered. It changed Andy's life - he made $13,968 in three days! And much more in short order.

It also changed MY life as it opened my eyes to what was possible... online. And it changed the lives of many others as well.

And so I told Andy that in MY interview, I wanted him to give me a way to make cash fast that would work even for newbies. In today's online world, and without tricks and gimmicks.

I also wanted it to work without the need to create websites, at least initially. I wanted him to give me (and you) a way to make cash now. Today. In hours, not in weeks. Could he do that?

Sure, he said. And off we went...

Here's just SOME of what Andy shared

  • How you can generate income TODAY - without a product or even a website
  • The most valuable research site online that most gurus won't tell you about
  • How to get in front of insane highly targeted traffic that will help you make sales today
  • The only three things you need to make money TODAY (no list or money required!)
  • The little-known website that will work for you instead of you having to put in all the effort
  • How to make Google AND PayPal love you
  • THE formula for lasting online success!

What Works TODAY

As you might suspect, things change in the online world, just as they change everywhere else. Hundreds of online marketing gurus and teachers are peddling strategies that stopped working months and even years ago.

But what you will discover here works right NOW. And it will continue to work for quite some time to come.

Not only will you discover an amazing money-making strategy, but also sound business principles. And it's all so simple to implement that you can put it to use TODAY.

How much for all this?

I want to make sure that anyone who is serious about making money online can afford it, so I kept the price low - for now:

It's not $47, not $37, not $27. And not even $17, though that's where it'll be headed soon.

Right now, though, it's just.... $7

Yes, for less than the cost of a Starbucks Frappuccino and a cookie, you can own the powerful Andy Duncan Interview Audio that can help you put funds into your PayPal account TODAY - provided you take action.


Yes, you'll get bonuses too!

Bonus 1: You'll get the transcript of the audio for quick review and to take notes on. It's also great to keep next to your computer as you take action.

Bonus 2: You'll get a huge discount coupon for my "eMoney Magic" program with six more powerful interviews that will help you power up your mindset as you learn even more highly effective money-making strategies.

Bonus 3: You'll also get a brand new interview with one of my fav orite experts on how to put the Law of Attraction into action - with very powerful strategies that will help you overcome any blocks and obstacles to success (this will be added in the next few days). Plus a few surprise bonuses, some immediately, some over the next few weeks (and months).

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